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Bestillo visitor centre

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Original Inspiration

The Visitor Centre was built to create a place where visitors can learn the process of making “pálinka”, buy the products and also taste it

in the upper floor tasting area. The brief was to design the space to mirror the existing image of Bestillo including the logo, the colours and

the pattern used on the packaging. The trade registered lead product is made of apricot native to the region, therefore, the design incorporated

typical local elements, such as furniture and folklore motives.


Next step

After a few years the branding was renewed, what was reflected on the product packaging, and naturally followed by the request to

change the interior accordingly.


The idea was to keep the custom made wooden furniture from the original design, and change the surroundings. Wall colour, was

changed to a lighter tone, wooden blinds changed to roman curtains from a light fabric, lamps changed  to larger ones with a hint

of gold on the inside surface, new upholstery of the chairs with lighter tones. The originally hand painted ornaments from the previous

branding on wooden surfaces  had to be changed as well. Because the new identity is mainly black and white with a hint of gold,

these painted wooden surfaces were changed to glass with a very simple, black and white drawing of a branch of an apricot tree

printed on them. Also some new furniture was needed, so stepping away from the country style, shiny black and white boxes and

cupboard were installed where needed. New pictures were placed on the walls, with the graphics used on the bottles, and the very

unique photograph of the nearby touristic spot, the castle. 

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