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History of jewellery showcase



A small showcase is addition to a diamond showroom, a sales tool to create interest, draw in potential customers. The 3 rooms are designed

to introduce the history of Hungarian gold and opal mining, making of jewellery, and to provide basic information about diamonds.



Each 3 rooms are very different int term of content and use, so the separating doorways are emphasised. The first room is chronological, talking about gold and opal mining, and the Hungarian Crown. The projection room in the middle is to show a short film about diamond cutting. The third room is to take a sneak peek into the treasure box of Queen Sissi.


Unique properties

A very diverse content to showcase in a small area, with basic informations for a limited time of a visitor journey.



Each thematic unit has different needs, so for each theme different kind of elements are used. These elements are tied together with size

and shape, and uniformly used graphics, but differ greatly in term of used materials, techniques. The rusty iron is followed by shiny gold and the luxury of velvet. Each element has a unique way of emphasising the content: the Hungarian crown is presented as a holographic

image, with the painting of the firs king next to it, the history of Hungarian opal mining is presented on a screen hidden in a gift box which

opens and closes before and after the presentation, the history of Hungarian gold mining is presented on a backlit surface shaped as a crack in a golden wall, the replica jewellery of Sissi is presented in the drawers of a large scale jewellery box. The projection room is designed to have visitors seated comfortably for the time of the presentation on purpose produced, velvet upholstered seats. 

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